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Creative Force

Game Description

CyberFocus is a first person, parkour, time bending experience where players are in the shoes of a Cyborg. Make use of these powerful abilities by fighting and maneuvering your way through levels, fighting multiple challenging enemies with exciting gunplay mixed with parkour and time bending to get the upper edge.Set in the future, you, as a cyborg must fight your way to the CEO of the corporation who created you and find out why they chose you.Use the environment to get around and work for you. Grappel to chains, slow down time to reach certain areas. All of this allows you to outsmart your enemies and fly through environments skillfully. Shoot enemy weak spots with pinpoint accuracy by slowing down time and aiming carefully.Master the art of being a cyborg who will be feared and uncover the real truth of why you were saved and transformed into this killing machine…

Team Bio

We are a team based in Glasgow, Scotland who want to challenge ourselves to create a project that is meaningful to us but also provides challenge.With our mix of abilities, we enjoy working together and improving as developers.

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