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CORE Games


Game Description

Interstice is a fast-paced, single player 3rd person shooter which centres around gravity-distorting movement mechanics. Set in an Escher-esque sci-fi dreamscape inspired by Manifold Garden, the game challenges the player to navigate mind-bending environments at high speeds while fighting off hordes of enemies.

Team Bio

CORE Games is a diverse team of students from Falmouth and Southampton Solent Universities aspiring to one day create the most cutting-edge games in the industry. We are using Tranzfuser as an opportunity to develop a 3rd person action game which we think has great market potential, as long as we manage to produce the best work we possibly can during the competition. Whatever the eventual fate of the project, most of us also hope to at least use the results of our work here as a springboard to get us into the industry proper.

Our first commercial game, HEPTAGON, just released on Steam.

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